Thursday, March 17, 2011

Colorful Recycled Owls

A few weeks ago when I should have been studying I gathered all my old, cut up card-stock and other scraps. I had old greeting cards, the pictures that picture frames hold when you buy them, newspaper, magazines... the list is ever long. 
I really hate throwing things out because I'm very environmentally conscious, but at the same time I hate clutter. I sat with all this junk for a short time and finally found inspiration in the PJ pants I was wearing and a cute picture frame I bought at Bowring because it was dirt cheap (sometimes I just can't say no to a deal, no matter how useless it is).
Right now it's resting above our bed but these cute little birds are almost too colorful to keep overhead while sleeping, I think when we move in I'm going to place them above my desk!
I think these two guys might be my favorite, especially the flower eyes!
But I think most people agree these two are a tiny bit creepy. I guess it's something I can work on next time, but really, owls are a little spooky all together! 
I mean...


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