Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our New Home

Today, March 14th, Brendon and I decided on where we are going to spend the rest of our university career. No more fighting over who ate who's cheese, who spends too much time in the shower, who's turn it is to clean the bathroom. Now it's just us two with no more roommates! Free to live in our bliss... well sort of.

We've spent the good part of a month surfing kijiji with ever spare moment in hopes of lucking into the "perfect place" (like the one we have... the one that comes along with more roommate drama than a trip to the Jersey Shore). We saw just about everything, the beautiful but too far away, the perfect location but falling apart, the "students will party and tear the place apart so I won't rent to you" and finally, the best of all the choices, the old house with lots of room but the ugliest decor.
The place is 40 years old and it's a basement apartment to a house where our landlords, a less than cute old couple, live. The apartment is larger than we expected (with two bedrooms for us to roam in). Though there's lots of room, that's about all there is. From the neon green living room to the pink carpet it has a few areas where it can improve, and that we plan to do.

So this is our journey to turning what looks like my grandmothers basement into a home for the two of us. Wish us luck and patience, we'll need both.

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